Saturday, 14 February 2015

#Happy Valentine's Day!

You do not have to be in love to enjoy Valentine’s Day! Instead of hiding away feeling guilty because you are single or your partner doesn’t thrill you anymore, you can use this day as the starting point of a new deep and meaningful love story. Call it: Loving Yourself!

There is an old jokey line that goes: ‘I love me who do you love?’ but that is definitely not what I am talking about here!  

#Dr Deepak Chopra, personal improvement guru and bestselling author of #The Path To Love has made a study of the above. “Most people think of love merely in romantic terms,” he said. “However, love is an experience of complete unity between body, mind, spirit and environment. When you have that unity you experience spontaneous self-love.”

When people hear ‘self-love’ they may interpret that as selfishness. In this context though, this actually has the opposite meaning. “By ‘self’ I don’t mean the ego,” Chopra explains. “I mean the state of being where you feel love towards everyone.”

 If you are alone you may take note that Chopra says that feeling this kind of love attracts love. “The key to experiencing love is to be comfortable with your own self,” he advises. “But,” he continues, “most people are uncomfortable with themselves. They don’t feel attractive and if you don’t feel attractive to yourself it’s going to be very difficult to attract others.”

The main problem is that many people focus on the superficial: ‘how do I look on the outside?’  But Chopra points to a different approach. He feels that we need to accept ourselves as we are, and puts a special emphasis on embracing our weaknesses. “Seeing yourself as a whole is the first step towards seeing yourself as a truly attractive person,” he maintains. “You’re only human. When you see that the same is true for every person you’ve ever met (as well as every media darling celebrated in our society) you will gain a sense of comfort with both the most attractive and least attractive.

“The closer you come to seeing the appeal in all people, the closer you come to God’s perspective. Equality is the first step towards acceptance and acceptance is love.”

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