Thursday, 6 July 2017

PUTTING ON A BRAVE FACE - How to cope when things are tough

Are you going through a bad time but trying to cover up your distress? Join the club! A few days ago I updated my website Dear Diary. Then I managed to track down an AWOL blogsite – It’s where I archive previous website posts but Blogger changed things and unlinked it from this blog (anyone know how to relink?). When I glanced at the last couple of entries. My jaw dropped. ‘Oh,’ I muttered. They were upbeat and informative. While my latest post was rather lacklustre – though I assure I had tried.
            But I admit that I just dashed something off because I realized it was ages since I’d posted. But clearly the grief of losing my Mum only weeks before Christmas is still reverberating.
            Sometimes I catch an unexpected glimpse of myself in a mirror and am startled by the deadness in my eyes.
            Don’t get me wrong. I know that I was blessed to have my mum for as long as I did. And I still have my dad. A number of my friends have lost both their parents, and a few of those did so when their parents were young. Also, some friends are coping with other losses, and other trials too…
            But you know the saying that goes something like: ‘I felt sorry for myself because I didn’t have any shoes until I met a man who didn’t have feet.’ Well, over the years, when in a trying time, I have thought about that to see if it helped. And though it did a little, fact was my pain was my pain for that time. Sometimes we just need to accept that until the worst passes.  
          I know that some of you are in your pain at this time – that’s life isn’t it? Up and down. Please know that I am sending you blessings. And if you want to share anything just get in touch.
          Meantime, please find below some of my coping strategies. I hope they are of help.

Love and light

P.S. Please check back again soon as I plan to start posting regularly again.

   5 steps to get you through a testing time

1) Exercise: Get out in the fresh air as much as you can - walk, cycle, jog, or swim. Or do a workout at the gym, take a class in dance, spinning, yoga, Pilates; whatever.

2) Look around: When you are out and about take an active interest in your surroundings. Glance up at the sky, the top of a building, a tree, a bird in flight, people passing by… You get my drift I’m sure.

3) Try going Low-GI: The less a food is processed, the harder the body needs to work to digest it, which means you get natural slow-released energy. So opt for lots of wholegrains, fruits and veggies.

4) Make goals: At the start of the day write down 5 things you want to accomplish. Small or great a goal achieved is satisfying.

5) Count blessing: At the end of the day write down 5 things you are thankful for. Close your eyes and really feel how lucky you are. []


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